Sítios Arqueológicos
El Bersha


  1. Ancient Egyptian Quarries

  2. Ancient Near East Net - This site gives many weblinks to current and past excavations in Egypt and also Western Asia.

  3. Archaeology, Online Features, Interactive Dig: Hierakonpolis-Excavating Narmer’s Temple

  4. Archaeological Survey in the Eastern Desert, Egypt

  5. Bir Umm Fawakhir Mines

  6. Bir Umm Fawakhir Survey

  7. CNRS Works on the Ramesseum

  8. DAI Expedition to Dra' Abu el-Naga, West Thebes

  9. Deir el-Medina on-Line

  10. Egypt Exploration Society Mission to Sais

  11. Excavation of the Monastery of St. John the Little

  12. EES Digging Diary

  13. The Epigraphic Survey

  14. Faiyum Dairy

  15. Franck Goddio (Alexandria)

  16. The Giza Plateau Mapping Project

  17. Hierakonpolis Excavations

  18. The John Hopkins University, Karnak Excavation (live up-dates in January)

  19. Kafr Hassan Dawood On-Line

  20. Leiden University & Museum Excavations at Saqqara (Live weekly up-dates Feb-March)

  21. The Libyan Desert Home Page

  22. The Luxor-Farshut Desert Road Project

  23. Mark Lehner’s Giza Pyramids Excavations

  24. The MISR Project

  25. The Nubia Salvage Project

  26. Odyssey in Egypt

  27. Oriental Institute, Chicago / Giza Mapping Project

  28. Pyramids-The Inside Story

  29. The Qift Regional Expedition

  30. Quseir al-Qadim Project

  31. Sadana Island Shipwreck Project

  32. Scottish Excavations at Saqqara

  33. SEPE Delta and Sinai Projects

  34. Sunken Herakleion – Between Reality and Legends

  35. Tell Abqa’in (West Delta)

  36. Tell Ibrahim Awad

  37. Theban Mapping Project

  38. Theban Royal Tombs Project

  39. The Tomb of Harwa

  40. Tomb of Ramesses II and Remains of his Funerary Treasures

  41. The Tomb of Senneferi

  42. UCLA Berenike Expedition

  43. UCLA/RUG Fieldschool in the Faiyum

  44. The University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition

  45. UNESCO Underwater Investigations of the Ancient Pharaohs

  46. Valley of the Kings Foundation, The Amarna Royal Tombs Project

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